Piracy Hampering Chinatown Wars sales - 3 April 2010 - Grand Theft Auto IV
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Piracy Hampering Chinatown Wars sales
Rockstar Games have been pretty quiet about the sales of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, which has been released on three platforms; the Nintendo DS, iPhone/iPod Touch and the Playstation Portable. All versions of the game were met with praise from editors and reviewers, with the game receiving above-average review scores on the game's respective platforms.

However, today Take-Two Interactive CEO Ben Fender is claiming that sales of the game have "suffered at the hands of piracy". He also says that this combined with a weak demand for handheld software have left copies of Chinatown Wars on store shelves rather than in the hands of gamers.

Specific sales numbers are not available, although you can read the rest of MCV's interview for a little more insight into this.
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