Lost and Damned celebrating 1 YEAR! - 17 February 2010 - Grand Theft Auto IV
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Lost and Damned celebrating 1 YEAR!

Today one year ago Rockstar Games released the first episodic content (DLC) pack for Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 which was titled The Lost and Damned. The DLC also became available as apart of the Episodes from Liberty City collection at a later point in the same year. In this DLC title, players played as Johnny Klebitz; who is the vice-president of Liberty City biker club named simply as "The Lost M.C" for their Alderny Charter. The character is seen is Grand Theft Auto IV a couple of times and is deeply involved with his own problems surrounding his gang and its members.

Apon its original release to the Xbox Live, the game was a pretty big success. With many reviewers commenting on the game as to how DLC SHOULD be done. Rather then adding small things Rockstar went as far here to add in a whole new storyline, giving players the opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto IV from a whole new standpoint. The DLC was released with new Characters, Vehicles, Music, Weapons and much more. With Episodes from Liberty City coming out next month for the PlayStation 3 and PC Gamers, we can assure you that this part of the DLC is very satisfying and very well made with a brilliant story backing it; it certainly is something to look forward to playing on the 30th of March! For those of you who have already played the game, feel free to tell us your favorite things such as Missions, Songs, Best Gang Shoot Out you've had, etc by registering and posting in the related forum thread below!

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