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Happy Birthday Grand Theft Auto IV -- Brief History included!

It was today, April 29, two years ago that Grand Theft Auto IV was releasd. The game initially proved to be a hit, selling millions of copies within its inittial days of release, critics praised it, the fans...well not so much. The release of Grand Theft Auto IV was seen by many as the "true successor" to the Grand Theft Auto series, being released over three years after Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, at the time.

Within two years after the main Grand Theft Auto IV version was released for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, Grand Theft Auto IV saw its release on the PC, a spin-off game, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars was also released for the Nintendo DS and later on to the Playstation Portable and even later to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

In addition to the spin-off, two downloadable content packages; The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony, were released exclusively at the time to the Xbox 360 through a deal between Rockstar Games and Microsoft for them to produce the extra content exclusively for the console. The content was later released on disc as "Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City" which features both content packages. However, Rockstar's supposed "deal" with Microsoft was blown out the window recently with the announcement and release of Episodes From Liberty City to the PC and Playstation 3 almost two years after the initial release of Grand Theft Auto IV but neither the less, to the fans delight.

Now two years later, with development on new Grand Theft Auto IV content all but ceased, Rockstar Games already announcing that they won't be working with Liberty City any longer, fans are eager for an announcement for the next Grand Theft Auto game, beleived to be called "Grand Theft Auto V" -- only time will tell what the future of the Grand Theft Auto series holds in store for its fans.
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