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GTAPedia Wiki Project
The GTA-NeXt Network is proud to present our latest project; the GTAPedia Wiki.

What is it?
The GTAPedia Wiki is a project that uses the same software as Wikipedia does. What this means is that it is a GTA related wiki that anyone can edit, even if you are not a registered member on the wiki. However, there are some limitations, guests aren't allowed to create pages or upload images. You have to be a registered GTAPedia member to do that.

What Pages are wanted/needed?
Typically, pages that are related to each of the GTA games as well as the characters and gangs in the GTA series are on the highest agenda right about now, just to get some contributions happening. We after we get all character and related pages will be looking to expand to making pages about individual missions and locations in the GTA series.

If you are interested in contributing, head to the above link and sign up!
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