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Grand Theft Auto IV - The good, bad and future.
About two years after the release of Grand Theft Auto IV, IGN's Mike Thomsen has come up the perfect summary of what makes it the game it is. The article answers some important questions; such as: What made people love the game? Why do some fans of the series despise it? And what is the future for Grand Theft Auto?

The article praises the gaim for it's aesthetic appearance, while smashing it for turning "a game about driving and shooting into a satire about the great American delusion." Ultimately crediting the game for the experience that simply driving around Liberty City can deliver.

 Niko, Johnny, and Luis are all hopeful characters with some modest goals for the future. Each carries the weight of their tragic flaw in that they've chosen to build their plans for the future on the quicksand of the violent idiots who surround them. They've each put their faith in the worst possible characters, and that misplaced loyalty becomes the turnkey of destruction.

It's frustrating to have such an evocative and open-ended experience suddenly weighted down with the constrictions of episodic television, narrated by the plodding logic of criminals. It's a sharp and uncomfortable waking.

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